6. 10. 2018  Hustopeče   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
22. 9. 2018  Třeboň   |   předběžná rezervace - Dan
14. 9. 2018  Strakonice   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
8. 9. 201820:00–21:00  Zábřeh   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
1. 9. 2018  Žatecká dočesná   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
25. 8. 201817:50–18:50  Protivín   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
28. 7. 201814:00–15:00  Štěrkovna Open Music   |   Hlučín
7. 7. 201819:00–20:00  Mirotice   |   předběžná rezervace - Dan
6. 7. 2018  Janské lázně
30. 6. 2018  Brno   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
29. 6. 2018  Brno   |   koncert v jednání - Dan
23. 6. 201811:00–12:00  Bernard fest
17. 6. 2018  Lázně Lipová   |   koncert v jednání - Šimon
16. 6. 2018  Lázně Lipová   |   koncert v jednání - Šimon
15. 6. 2018  Lázně Lipová   |   koncert v jednání - Šimon
9. 6. 2018  Brno   |   koncert v jednání - Šimon
2. 6. 201819:00  Znojmo, Konipaska   |   předběžná rezervace - Dan
27. 5. 2018  předběžná rezervace Šimon
26. 5. 2018  Sněžka   |   koncert v jednání - Šimon
19. 5. 2018  Motol Motolice   |   předběžná rezervace
13. 5. 201817:00–18:00  Praha   |   předběžná rezervace - Dan
12. 5. 2018  Pojď dál 2018
7. 5. 2018  Brno   |   předběžná rezervace - Dan
21. 4. 201817:00  Olomouc
23. 3. 201819:00–20:00  Dům kultury Ostrava   |   28. října 124/2556, Moravská Ostrava,
11. 1. 2018  Nefňuka - Pardubice
2. 1. 2018  Nefňuka - Nová scéna ND

An exhibition of black humour in the interiorAn exhibition of black humour in the exteriorA screening of black humour jokes


Luckily I’ve graduated from high school

Together with The Tap Tap, Jiří Holzmann has sung along with Dan Bárta, Kamil Střihavka, Vojta Dyk, Matěj Ruppert or David Koller and he is still improving and cultivating his singing. On a long-term basis, he has also been visiting a course in managing music software.
Ladislav Angelovič is a very gifted presenter. He has got the ability to say things briefly, clearly, and in the way that it is just „right“. He works as a press agent of the Civil Society Organization TAP. He is a student of philosophy at Charles University in Prague.

And now we are going to hit it off in America

Honza Macháček literally lives on music. Although he hears badly, he pronounces very well and now he even sings in The Tap Tap.
Petr Tomek is a real musical genius and he can play several TTT songs on the keyboard with great skill.
Vítek Feller really isn’t a newbie in The Tap Tap. Like his colleagues, he is very musically gifted. From time to time he does not remember something, but bad timekeeping and breaking promises is not tolerated in the band, and Vítek has already made lots of progress even in these areas.

We have experienced a lot of concerts together

Petr Burda has completed the course in percussions playing, journalism and English. He wants to be a sports editor.
Jana Augustinová has great results as a teacher of the students with concentration disorders and in the mild autism spectrum. She enjoys management and PR.

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Come closer and try your aim. The reward for each hit will be a short tune and dance. The lucky fellow who hits all the six moving targets on the back of the conductor will be rewarded with a burst of revelries and a song.